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  • Thanks so much to Petra & Chris with your help with the purchase of our new central works great! prompt service and shipping.
  • Hi there, just wanted to thank your installer for his great work, the guy never stopped, I was eager to give him some water! He really did a great "clean" job! Thanks! Claudette :)
  • I received my order this morning in good working order and I wanted to thank you for the quick service and ease with which I was able to purchase repair parts over the internet. That’s a total of 6 days which includes a weekend and I did not even have to leave my home, I’m impressed, so thanks again. Sincerely Brad
  • Just wanted to let you know I was very pleased with the installer last night. Walked me through the operation of the vacuum and was very courteous. His van was very clean and you could tell he took pride in his work. He does a fine job representing your business.
  • Vacumn Central came out to install my new central vac July 16. Super service, technician was very thorough. Very impressed with the whole process - professional and responsible right from the moment that I called and made the appointment until the technician walked out the door. Service is the product of the 21st century and these guys have nailed it
  • Vacuum works GREAT. My wife loves the powerhead. Thanks so much for your outstanding service, Petra. We tend to complain when service is bad, but not compliment when it is good. I teach part-time at Red River Community College, and one of my favourite courses I teach is Customer Service. Just yesterday, I told my class that it is so sad that customer service is so bad today in so many areas, that when we do encounter outstanding service like you have provided, we are astounded. I will be using my experience with you, and your company, as an example of how it should be done. Bob Turner - Portage La Prairie, MB
  • I recently ordered a few boxes of Persil laundry detergent from Discount Vaccums. The order was delivered promptly but, when I opened the package, I realized that the boxes where of a slighly smaller size than what was publicized on their website. When I contacted Discount Vaccums to let them know of the discrepancy, I rapidly got a reply from Petra who offered to send me a free box, which accounted for the package size change by Persil. Well that is what I call good customer service, thank you! Robert T Québec
  • Just want to say THANK YOU for your friendly service. I was in and bought 2 beam alliance central vacuum systems. Everyone was wonderful. Thank you for putting on the socks, packing my car/ Let me tell you a little Honda civic holds two complete systems... thanks guys you did awesome ( all I had to do was back up the car open the trunk and doors and ta da. Done. Also I thought you guys went out of your way to help a gentleman who needed directions to another store. It’s hard to beat this kind of service and kindness!! Thanks for paying that one forward. Thanks for taking the time to answer all my questions on the central vacuums. It has been a pleasure doing business with you. Now I can wait to get these installed ( one for our house and one for the daughter) and clean away with a new vacuum. God bless you all. c
  • Once again Thank You Stony Plain location for the wonderful service. You always go above and beyond with your customer service.
  • I was thankful for the information and guidance provided in choosing a commercial vacuum. It was an educational event! Thank you to a customer oriented staff.
  • Got out the instruction book for the new Miele and gave her a try. Pretty slick! Works very well, even picks the spruce tree needles out of the entry carpet. That was always a challenge for the old Rainbow even with the power head. I love it, E’ ( the boss) loves it, now if our C. loves it ( she comes Tuesday), I’ll be a happy man. As the old saying goes " happy wife, happy cleaner Lady, happy man". Saying as adapted to suit my current circumstances. The new Miele weighs about a third of what the old Rainbow weighed. That’s nice but its too quiet though, with it running on high, I could still hear my wife talking! I guess it’s one of the challenges with this new equipment that I’ll just have to learn to live with! Petra, " you done good" ! As always I’d expect nothing less from Petra the Vacuum Specialist. Thank you, Perry D. - Perry D.
  • I brought my central vacuum powerhead and hose to Vacuums R Us on 99th St as the carpet powerhead kept cutting out. At first, they were unable to find a problem with the vacuum until I insisted that after a minute or two of use it would cut out. The technician finally spent enough time to notice the problem. He said that there was a problem with the electrical in the powerhead and said it would be fixed by the next day. Perfect. I paid my $30 fee for them to find out what was wrong with the vacuum and went on my way. I was called the next day to tell me that my vacuum could not be fixed, but they were happy to tell me that they were having a sale and they would sell me a new vacuum for $500. I didn’t want to spend $500 on a new vacuum, so picked up my broken vacuum and left. I called Discount Vacuum on Stony Plain Rd for a 2nd opinion and had them take a look. First, they were professional and welcoming. Secondly, they didn’t charge a fee to figure out what was wrong with the vacuum. Third, it wasn’t the powerhead, but the swivel that connects the handle to the hose. I left my vacuum with them and got a call the next day saying that the charge to fix my vacuum would be $62. I picked up my vacuum the following day and it works perfectly! Vacuums R Us either couldn’t fix my vacuum or wanted to take advantage of me so they could try and sell me a $500 vacuum. They charged a $30 fee. Discount Vacuum fixed my vacuum for $62 and did not charge a fee. I will tell my friends to take their business to Discount Vacuum!
  • I knew purchasing a Miele vacuum would be an excellent choice. The real bonus was the excellent delivery and customer service received from VacuumCentral. I am very happy I gave my business to you. Cheers!
  • Hello, I wanted to pass along how happy I am with the service that I have received. I bought my vacuum 4.5 years ago, whenever I have had a question or a concern regarding my vacuum you guys have been extremely helpful. I just wanted to say thank-you.
  • Store was recommended to us by a family member, and we are extremely pleased with the service we got. We phoned in several times and spoke to the manager who answered are questions and was very knowledgable with all brand of vacuums. We went in to the store and looked at all the brands. The DrainVac seemed to be the best product for the money, so we purchased it. With a little negotiation I walked out with all parts necessary to install product myself. Manager gladly offered many installation pointers politely and him and another employee carried out all the boxes and put them in my truck. Great Place!!!
  • Thank you so much for being so helpful today! I will definitely be back they have great service and I am really happy with the vacuums I purchased for my business.
  • The person who helped me over the phone was very friendly and had the replacement part ready for me when I arrived at the store.
  • We brought in our vacuum for repair but it was not worth repairing. All staff/owners were very friendly and accommodating. Answered all questions and weren't pushy. We ended up purchasing a central vac. So pleased with our experience. Only wish the bill was smaller, but we know we paid for reliability and quality.
  • My husband bought a Miele vacuum at the store last week. He went in with an idea of what he wanted but Petra spoke to him about what we actually needed and he got an amazing deal on a sleek and efficient vacuum. It has a Hepa filter and is easy to maneuver up and down the stairs. Really pleased with his purchase and that the store was able to steer him in the right direction. Would highly recommend!
  • Excellent Service, Friendly Staff- We went in to get our current vacuum repaired, but after they did a FREE estimate, we decided to get a new Miele Vacuum. We are so happy we made the decision to change, its so light and easy to use even my kids vacuum now. Thank you for taking the time to explain the features and benefits of the different machines so we could decide which one was best for us.
  • These guys are awesome! I went in wanting to buy a certain vacuum, and after talking to them, realized I would have purchased the wrong type for my household. They matched me up with the right type, and it was less expensive then what I originally wanted.
  • Owners are friendly, great service, very helpful. Awesome products.
  • AMAZING local business to deal with. The owners were honest, VERY knowledgeable, and worked with me to find the best solution! I would highly recommend this business if you need a vacuum repair or replacement!
  • I have dealt with these people time and time again, and every time they have been very helpful and always do their best for me even though I didn't buy my vacuum from this store but from the south side store. I would certainly buy a vacuum from them anytime!
  • The staff was friendly. The parking is difficult for this location however.
  • Very Pleasant! Excellent service and knowledgeable and friendly staff.
  • Until I found Vacuum Central I had no idea what to do with my Hoover SteamVac Carpet Cleaner that had stopped working - I was about to throw it out and buy another. It turned out to be a simple and affordable fix. My wife is glad that I have it back in time for spring cleaning and I'm glad to have a trusted place to go to when I have questions about anything to do with vacuum cleaners. I'll be recommending Vacuum Central to my friends. Thank you!!!
  • Great help getting my Beam vacuum motor replaced under warranty ! Thank you very much !!
  • We had an amazing experience getting our vaccuum! Very patient with us and gave us the best price in town. Absolutely love this family business they treat you like friends everytime you walk through the door.
  • Chris was extremely knowledgeable and helpful in choosing the right central vacuum for our house. He spent over an hour discussing the various options and answering our questions. Highly recommended!
  • Great Service!
  • Outstanding service. Quick, efficient, knowledgeable technicians. Definitely have my business if we ever need anything else.
  • It was a pleasure doing business with Vacuum Central. They serviced my vacuum cleaner quickly and perfectly. Even nicer, the staff are so helpful and professional.
  • In-home service call for mysterious lack of suction. Diagnosed cause and could have dinged me for a major repair but invested a little time and finesse instead and solved the problem without tearing down any drywall. Pleasant service staff, quick booking, skilled service.
  • Great local family-run business. Brought in my dated Oreck vacuum. They gave me straight-up advice from a fast on the spot assessment and when it was clear my machine needed to be retired they found me a spectacular new Oreck for a great price.
  • I have been dealing with Petra and Chris for the past few years now and I have been more than impressed with their service. They are the quickest store in the city and can get parts that the majority of stores cannot provide. Chris’s knowledge about every model of vacuum cleaner is staggering and is the best service I have encountered yet. When ever I need to order parts Petra ensures I receive them as quick as possible and they are the most reasonable store price wise in the city.

    I would recommend Vacuum Central to everyone whether you need a small, one off part or a complete central vacuum system they will be able to help you.

    Very satisfied customer,
  • Excellent customer service!!! Wouldn’t go anywhere else for a vacuum!!!
  • This is becoming our go to place for all of our central vac parts. We purchased a cheap central vac unit online and are now slowly replacing broken parts with better quality. Service is great and the staff is knowledgeable. Just purchased a new power nozzle that actually picks up all of my dogs long hair...I couldn't be happier! Can't wait to replace my main unit with a better quality unit from Vacuum Central
  • My vacuum stopped working last Friday – I called around and Vacuum Central – Stony Plain Road said they could come by around lunch and look at it – turned out my motor was dead and they took the canister away – they had to order parts and would bring it back as soon as they were in – Petra must have ordered the parts that day as the company they came from were closing for inventory for a week soon after – when I called yesterday she hadn’t heard from them so I had in my mind it would be another week without a vacuum ): When I was out this morning Vacuum Central called and left a message - parts came in yesterday – vacuum was repaired and could Ryan come out today before the long weekend. Did I mention they lent me an interim vacuum. Very happy with the service. They will be my go to!!
  • Good collection of central vacuum accessories at reasonable price. I was surprised to see some of their prices were less than home depot and lowes. There was a price mismatch with their website. They were happy to give ne the lower price.

    I would recommend this place for anyone looking for central vacuum stuff in Edmonton.
  • Great service and knowledgeable staff! Locally owned and opewould recommended! Purchased a central vacuum from them and they did the installation all went well
  • EXCELLENT customer service!
  • Sooooo grateful for them! They have so much knowledge to share and having a maid service I need reliable equipment to do my job successfully, they are a key component to the ease of my job. Thank you! 💜
  • Great place
  • The power head on my Miele vacuum stopped working, so I brought it in for service and they fixed it the same day for a fair price. Friendly and efficient!
  • Terrific place! Very helpful and friendly. I will definitely go back to this place for my vacuum repairs or products!
  • Great people love the friendly lady at the front desk
  • Service was good at the end. I think the lady thought we were there to waste her time at first but we were just checking things out before purchasing. But again she was awesome towards the end. Got us what we needed
  • Very knowledgeable and friendly. Got exactly what I was looking for!
  • So I’ll try to keep this short.....
    My wife and I needed a new built in vacuum system. However we were also running an increasingly tight budget as well.

    Upon contacting Chris and Petra @VacuumCentral , they helped put our marital tensions “LOL!” at ease by recommending a brand new built in system which was within our budget, and a great fit for the size of our home.

    As well, Chris made the trip out to our home and installed the system himself, and also educated us on how to keep all the components running efficiently.

    I realize this may be more in depth and longer than needed for a vacuum purchase/install review, but my wife and I truly want to say Thank You again to Chris and Petra @VacuumCentral for the professional help with everything.

    Rob & Beverly Johnston
  • Petra and her team are fantastic!
  • Me and my husband went in today to get some parts for our Kirby vacuum that our dog chewed off. The staff was amazing, they had all the parts and changed the one on the spot for us. They were super helpful and very friendly.
  • “We have been using Vacuum Central for over 10 years for our business and have always received excellent service. I highly recommend this place as I use them for my personal vacuum needs at home” - Dennis
  • What a variety...
  • Best people in the business. They will look after you no matter the problem or product you're looking for. Recommended to all friend, family and co-workers!!
  • I'm a repeat customer and will continue to deal with Petra and staff who are very knowledgeable and offer good reliable advice. Ryan completed the install very quickly and made sure all was well before he left. Well done.
  • The staff and service was top notch
  • This place has been operating in Edmonton forever. I only knew about it because my dad buys and repairs his vacuum(s) exclusively through them. The gentleman recommended the best vacuum combination for my needs. It was also nice to demo the power head on the different carpet samples they have in the showroom. Since his prices were the same as BestBuy, I see no reason to shop anywhere else.
  • It was a pleasure to purchase my new vacuum there. The staff was very knowledgeable and helpful. Highly recommend!👍
  • I was extremely pleased with the knowledge and service I experienced with Vacuum Central. Petra was very helpful and explained my Central Vac choices with clarity. I was quickly able to make an informed choice with my purchase. I highly recommend Vacuum Central for your Vacuum needs!
  • Phoned here in the morning to see if they could help me find a new replacement hose for my older euruka central vac. Brought the old hose down to them and the did test the hose and it wasn't working too good. I found the staff friendly and showed me all of my options of what I could do. I ended up buying a whole new kit for my vacuum. Hose, powerhead and other tools. Great place. I will go back again when I need any service or parts or even a new central vacuum.
  • Very friendly and knowledgeable team! I have dealt with Vacuum Central over the phone twice, and once in person now. Very excited to be working with them and supporting local business! From my interactions so far, they have been very down to earth and honest folks. Thanks guys! - Mike
  • Excellent service and friendly staff!
  • We have been working with Vacuum Central for 10 years with not one complaint!

    Lang Built Homes Ltd.
  • We have been customers at Vacuum Central for over 10 years now and have always been very happy with the service and product we have received. We have purchased vacuum cleaners and a central vacuum system from them as well as had our service and repairs done there as well. We have never been sold any service that we did not need and appreciate the honesty that we have always experienced in our dealings with Petra and Ryan. The service has been without complaint and completed in a timely manner. Thank you Vacuum Central!
  • Very helpful and knowledgeable of all products, would recommend for service and sales.
  • We contacted Vacuum Central for an issue with our beam central vacuum motor overheating and shutting off. Our first conversation was with Petra, whom after sending our bill of sale and serial number got the ball rolling for a warranty claim. With telephone conversations with Chris and Ryan, we were able to bring our unit in and they arranged to have it repaired the same day as we live about 100 km away. The customer service and repair was beyond our expectations. We will definitely bring our business back. A huge thank you to Petra, Ryan and Chris.
  • Clearly explained differences between the various Miele models I had in mind and were willing to price match on the model on sale elsewhere. Happy to support a local business instead of a big box store. The vacuum really sucks (in the good sense)! :)
  • Great service
  • Didn't feel like just a 'number' here. Knowledgeable staff and took the time to go through the features of equipment. Great quality!
  • Excellent service....terrific staff
  • Went to ask about an issue with my Miele vacuum and they quickly looked at it and assured there were no issues and everything was good to go. No charge for the diagnosis and quick and friendly service. Would go back for sure.
  • Super friendly staff. Rather than making me buy a costly replacement the team fixed my central vacuum attachment. One less component to landfill and a bit more cash in my pocket. Thank you Vacuum Central.
  • We had a fantastic experience shopping here. The staff was knowledgeable, gave options with explanation and prices were great. We purchased a vacuum the first time we walked in and are extremely satisfied!!
  • Staff are great! Callout to the saleslady’s mother. She is lovely. I look forward to shopping there again.
  • Excellent customer service. The staff is awesome, friendly, polite and it's always a pleasant experience each visit. Keep up the exceptional job/service!👍👍
  • We purchased a cyclone vacuum about a month ago,my wife loves it.This is the second vacuum my wife has purchased here.The staff are friendly,knowledgable and very helpful.We felt the pricing was also very reasonable.Will co ti ue suppoting this buisness in the future.
  • I was searching on Google for a central Vacuum for our new home and based on the Google reviews and customers comments, I called Vacuum Central. Chris answered all of my questions and recommended a unit and suggested that I come down for a demo. After arriving in a not so welcoming area, Chris and the lady at the counter were warm friendly and so knowledgeable. Our install had to be rescheduled due to a mounting issue with our builder but he supplied us with a portable vacuum until ours was installed. We made the right choice and love our new Central Vacuum. I would recommend Chris and his team for all your needs.
  • They fixed my Kirby correctly and when they said it would be ready. Friendly people.
  • Great buying experience. Everyone was knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. I cant reccomend them enough.
  • I was shopping around for central vac components, not sure what as I bought a house that came with some but they were a mismatch and didn’t work. After shopping at two places I immediately noticed the difference in knowledge (all due respect to that other store). But the level of knowledge and advice made me buy from this store. Good selection of vacuums, central and other. Very good customer service. I recommend this store if you are in the market for anything vacuum.
  • Great team. Worked with us to get the best power head and unit for our needs. Super happy and boy does that vacuum suck more than our old one. :)
  • Great service. Love my new purchase, the Airstream hand held, cordless stand up vac. Thanks
  • Friendly, helpful, and great service.
  • We've always received great service over the years when we needed to repair a vacuum or steam cleaner. There have even been times when the repair was just an adjustment and we weren't charged! With such honesty, I knew where I wanted to shop to buy my new vacuum. When we went to get our new vacuum, the gentleman helping us took time to explain how to set the right power head height, how to use the various buttons, and other features of our new Miele. It feels good to shop local with an honest dealer If you need a new vacuum or need one repaired, this is the place to go.
  • We bought a new house and the central vacuum suction was terrible. Ryan, using his detective skills, came out and found a hole in the suction tube. This tube was located in the basement ceiling underneath the kitchen. The hole was facing toward the ceiling and was not overtly visible. Ryan cut the tube, capped it and the vacuum now works very well! Great job!
  • Love this business! Helpful, friendly, great customer service! We would highly recommend this shop to everyone!
  • Hi always theyre to help us good service satisfied with the products
  • One of the best, owner is very very friendly, understands your needs, I was there last week looking for a drive belt, just looking at me she remembered what unit I had bought. I would highly recommend this shop for any vacuum supplies.
  • Top notch service! Helpful and fast delivery. Thank you!
  • Friendly service and good prices. He helped me load my vacuum into my car which I really appreciated as my ankle was hurting! Highly recommended.
  • Excellent courteous service
  • Excellent service. Very professional, knowledgeable and friendly. Took time with us without rushing. Highly recommend.
  • I'm located in Red Deer and the best choice for all Miele supplies is Vacuum Central. Bought my vacuum there and quite honestly, great customer service. They let my husband spend 2 hours testing and vacuuming before buying!
    My products were sent by Canada Post with next day service, all received in good order.
  • I was searching for a vacuum really didn’t know what was a good brand. Just knew that the Dyson I had was never good. When I stopped in at Vacuum Central I was greeted with a a knowledgeable friendly rep that listened to what I was wanting out of a Vacuum. He educated me on the Miele, was very informative and I am so excited about my purchase. It’s an awesome vacuum! 😁 So happy I found them.
  • Customer service was awesome, staff was extremely knowledgeable.
  • I was in need of a lightweight but powerful vacuum for my grandmother who had limited mobility due to a stroke. Petra knew all the right questions to ask and was able to find the perfect solution for me. I would definitely recommend.
  • After dealing with a frustrating lack of communication and delay in looking at my vacuum from another shop (it took over two weeks and someone had still not looked at my vacuum), I was delighted at the responsiveness of this repair shop. They asked appropriate questions over the phone when I informed them what I was hoping to have repaired, emphasizing that with Dysons electrical repairs require a different approach. Bringing the vacuum in, they were polite, and promptly called me the next day with the diagnostics on the vacuum and a quote. Within 1-2 days my vacuum was ready to pick up, and I was extremely pleased with the level of quality involved in their work. Great customer service that I will recommend to everyone. This shop was a bit out of my way, but it turns out it was extremely worth the drive for good service. Thank you!
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