Welcome to your solution for impeccable hotel cleanliness. At Vacuum Central, we understand that maintaining a spotless hotel environment is crucial to ensuring a positive guest experience. Our selection of commercial vacuum cleaners is designed to meet the rigorous demands of the hospitality industry as well as making housekeeping process effortless.



Local Store: You are welcome to visit our Edmonton store for vacuum testing, expert guidance, repairs, and parts.

Durability: Our heavy-duty machines are built to withstand the demands of the hotel environment.

HEPA Filtration: Eliminate allergens, ensuring the healthiest air quality for guests and staff.

Quality Brands: We offer trusted brands favored and recommended by hospitality industry professionals.


Enhance Hotel Cleanliness with Sebo and Carpet Pro - Trusted Brands for Pristine Spaces!

Sebo’s innovative technology ensures efficient and thorough cleaning, maintaining a fresh and inviting atmosphere for your guests. Meanwhile, Carpet Pro’s commercial-grade durability tackles high-traffic areas effortlessly, ensuring your hotel maintains impeccable cleanliness.

Numatic - Your Partner in Hotel Cleaning Excellence

Numatic’s range of powerful vacuum cleaners and janitorial equipment is designed to handle diverse cleaning needs, ensuring your hotel spaces are consistently pristine. Invest in Numatic for a seamless and effective approach to hotel maintenance that exceeds guest expectations.

Ghibli - Unleash the Power of Precision Cleaning in Your Hotel

Ghibli’s cutting-edge technology and ergonomic design provide hotel managers with efficient tools to maintain spotless spaces. Enhance the guest experience by investing in Ghibli, a brand synonymous with quality and excellence in hotel cleaning.

Complete Hotel Cleaning Solutions with EUREKA, CENTAUR, CARPET EXPRESS EXTRACTOR!

Elevate your hotel’s cleaning standards with EUREKA’s high-performance vacuums, designed for efficient and thorough furniture care. CENTAUR introduces versatile cleaning equipment tailored to diverse hotel cleaning needs, ensuring every corner is spotless. CARPET Express EXTRACTOR’s advanced technology specializes in carpet care, providing a comprehensive solution for maintaining pristine hotel spaces.

5 Year Guarantee for Hotel Vacuums

Streamline your hotel’s housekeeping with our professional vacuum cleaners. Effortless cleaning awaits!

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